BlackBerry Gem 8120 Review – Learn More About Excellence Packed in Box

If you are searching for any sleek and make contact with-like BlackBerry, the upgraded Blackberry Gem 8120 will a competent job. They’ve slimmed lower the BlackBerry’s traditional bulky contour around a ‘candybar’ design, immediately making utilizing a BlackBerry more desirable for those who have jeans as opposed to just jacket pockets. There’s no denying it, the Blackberry Gem 8120 is really a sexy handset. It is a slim and impressively lightweight unit by having an attract stainless-steel trimming. The 8120 seamless comfort within the hands, and fits well in your wallet. The Gem 8120 flashes a sporty 240 x 260 pixel TFT display that is a comfort for individuals who require large and vibrant screens for implementing applications on handsets. Unlike all of those other Blackberry range, the Gem series has got the Texting keypad substituted for dual-input Texting keypad with keys discussing two letters. To thrill us the 8120 has SureType predictive text software – how precisely it predicted the language once we joined them!

The keenness of RIM to flaunt the brand new multimedia attractions using the business related functionality still intact makes it worth an in depth Blackberry 8120 review. For those individuals video and music crazy people, Blackberry Gem 8120 offers Roxio Media Manager easily converting media to Blackberry-friendly video and audio files. No compromises using the quality! The images sharp and audio very obvious, supplying a visual and audio treat. The Blackberry Gem 8120 has a 2-megapixel camera incorporating an Brought flash along with a self-portrait mirrors which is undoubtedly a big accessory for the fir.three MP in the last model. A significant jump in the original Gem may be the facility of 802.11b/g Wi-Fi absent within the original model. With the existence of Bluetooth 2., the telephone facilitates quite ease in transferring & discussing files along with other compatible devices with speed! It really works on 312MHz, Apple XScale PXA901 processor, 64MB of flash ROM and 16MB of RAM expanding as much as 8GB.

The Blackberry Gem 8120 offers 4 hrs of talk-time and 15 hrs on standby. Our experience while testing the handset impressed us once the device delivered over 12 hrs of nonstop music using the Sim left active.

The BlackBerry Gem 8120 is a superb Smartphone unquestionably. It appears good, seamless comfort and also the device provides a lot new than individuals usual business related functionalities. Surely, Blackberry 8120 is definitely an elegant & full-featured Smartphone that provides fast web access.

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