Lowepro Slingshots – The Photographer’s Handy Pack

Lowepro’s means to fix the frequently- griped about photographer’s problem is available in the shape the Lowepro Slingshot. Boasting of innovative features and overall comfort, these handymen keeps backpacking together with your camera units an absolute breeze.

Lowepro slingshots bank around the innovative design types of its previous generation of brothers and sisters. Lowepro continues to be hearing its customers’ pleas and it has since incorporated features that further raise the effectiveness of the camera backpacks.

These kinds of backpack sport the opportunity to ease the switching between camera modes- on these babies, it always takes only a couple of swishes and clicks to show the bag from carry mode to organize mode. Users won’t have to waste time taking their backpacks business backs and setting it on the floor to peruse its contents.

These bags also boast built- in storage device pouches to accommodate all of your memory modules for that camera. Furthermore, the bag’s unique micro fiber LCD cloth guarantees that you simply will not need to be challenged to locate something to wash up individuals dirty lenses. Lowepro Slingshots also allow you to carry your SLR units with many mid-range contact lens sizes mounted on it, plus an extra pair with all of its accessories and cables for photo foraging.

Lowepro Slingshot 100 is really a lightweight camera backpack, coming in at 1.96 lbs. The bag’s surface consists of water- resistant micro fiber, polyester and ripstop plastic. The bag comes branded using the All Weather label, hence guaranteeing the perfect protection for the bag and it is camera- related contents during all kinds of climate conditions. Furthermore, the bag can hide itself pretty nicely and become hidden when it’s not being used.

The Lowepro Slingshot 200, however, weighs about a couple of.05 pounds, and it has an outer fabric layer made from water-resistant micro fibers and ripstop nylon. The bag is made to have a dslr body having a compact contact lens attached, and 1-4 extra lenses or flash units.

Another features range from the zip-stop buckles, which supplies to safeguard the gear the tuck-away stability strap the built-in storage device pouch and also the built-in micro fiber LCD cloth, which supplies extra protection for that storage device and also the camera Vast screen.

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